Premjit Baria

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Premjit Baria, a luminary in the realm of art education and advocacy, has spent decades dedicated to enriching lives through his artistic prowess and unwavering commitment. As an esteemed art teacher and the director of Bal Bhavan, Diu, his influence has transcended canvas and classrooms, shaping minds and nurturing creativity. With a career spanning over twenty-five years, his contributions have been acknowledged and honored by prestigious accolades. Born on November 14, 1952, in Diu, Baria’s journey has been a beacon of inspiration, fostering artistic growth, cultural enrichment, and the enduring impact of a dedicated visionary

Championing Creativity at Bal Bhavan

Premjit Baria's leadership at Bal Bhavan, Diu, is a shining example of transformative guidance. His profound impact on this cultural hub is immeasurable. Under his stewardship, the institution has developed into a haven for expiring artists and inquisitive minds also. Baria's loyal fidelity to cultivating an atmosphere of creation, tone- expression, and artistic disquisition has not only amended the lives of those who step through its doors but has also revitalized the original cultural scene. His patrimony is one of commission, creativity, and the continuing influence of a married visionary. Through Baria's leadership, Bal Bhavan has become a dynamic center for artistic exchange and learning. Workshops, exhibitions, and events bring together artists, enthusiasts, and the local community, fostering a vibrant atmosphere of creativity and cultural appreciation. Beyond the walls of Bal Bhavan, Baria's influence extends into the wider community of Diu. His dedication to promoting artistic expression has ignited a renewed interest in the arts among the local population. Through outreach programs and community engagement, he has created avenues for individuals of all ages to engage with the arts, fostering a deeper appreciation for cultural heritage. In essence, Premjit Baria's directorship at Bal Bhavan, Diu, is a testament to his unwavering commitment to nurturing creativity, empowering individuals, and enriching the cultural fabric of the community. His legacy will continue to resonate through the lives he has touched, the artists he has inspired, and the enduring influence of his transformative leadership.

Premjit Baria
Premjit Baria lifestyle

Legacy of Inspiration

Premjit Baria’s legacy is a source of profound inspiration, forged through his roles as a distinguished art educator, director of Bal Bhavan, and recipient of prestigious accolades from the President. His steadfast dedication to nurturing budding talent and safeguarding the cultural heritage stands as a testament to his enduring influence. With every stroke of his guidance, he has woven a tapestry of cultural enrichment and artistic growth that defies the constraints of time.

Baria’s legacy extends far beyond mere commendations; it lives on through the countless lives he has profoundly impacted. His influence reverberates through generations, igniting creativity and instilling a profound appreciation for art and its transformative potential. The mark he has left on the world of art education and cultural preservation is indelible, a living testament to the enduring power of mentorship and the arts.

Throughout his outstanding career, Baria’s commitment to fostering arising gift has been unwavering. His classrooms and works have been incubators for creativity, where youthful minds are encouraged to explore their cultural instincts and push the boundaries of their capability. Under his guidance, aspiring artists haven’t only ground their specialized proficiency but have also been encouraged to find their unique voices and perspectives.

As the director of Bal Bhavan, Baria has played a crucial part in shaping the institution into a nurturing haven for cultural disquisition. It has come to a place where creativity thrives, and youthful artists are given the tools and stimulants they need to flourish. Through exhibitions, shops, and events, Baria has created spaces for artists to showcase their work and engage with the wider community, further perfecting the artistic geography.



Premjit Baria's lifestyle reflects his deep commitment to art & education. As an accomplished artist & educator, his days are often filled with nurturing creative minds & honing his own artistic skills. Whether curating exhibitions, mentoring students, or creating his own masterpieces, his life revolves around the world of art. Through his passion & Dedication, he not only uplifts his own life but also illuminates the lives of others, leaving an indelible mark on the cultural landscape. His lifestyle embodies the fusion of artistic expression & educational dedication, inspiring those around him to embrace creativity & make a positive impact.


A Life Devoted to Art

Premjit Baria embarked on his cultural odyssey over two decades ago, and his passion for the craft has only grown stronger with time. His cultural journey is a striking testament to unwavering fidelity and an unyielding ardor for creativity. This fidelity is vividly reflected in his remarkable capability to conduct profound perceptivity to consecutive generations of scholars.Under Baria's education, aspiring artists haven't only meliorated their specialized chops but also developed a profound appreciation for the trades. His mentorship has been a guiding light, illuminating the path to cultural excellence and nurturing a deep understanding of the creative process. Through his case guidance and unwavering support, he has fostered an terrain where creativity indications and cultural eventuality is realized.Baria's legacy is one of profound mentorship and cultural stewardship. He stands as a lamp for aspiring artists, offering them not only specialized experience but also a deep appreciation for the transformative power of creativity. His influence extends far beyond the classroom, leaving an unforgettable mark on the cultural community and the wider world.As a tutor, Baria has inseminated in his scholars not only specialized chops but also a profound respect for the creative process. He has emphasized the significance of tone- expression, encouraging each artist to find their unique voice and perspective. Through his guidance, numerous have discovered a newfound confidence in their capacities and a deeper understanding of the profound impact art can have on individualities and communities.Premjit Baria's benefactions to the cultural community serve as an important memorial of the enduring influence of a devoted tutor. His legacy will bide to acclimatize the lives and careers of the artists he has nourished, and his impact on the world of art and creativity will be felt for generations to approach. His unvarying fidelity and passion for the craft have left an unforgettable mark on the cultural geography, a confirmation to the transformative power of creativity in shaping lives and neighborhoods.


A Vision for the Future

As Premjit Baria gazes into the horizon, his visionary perspective encompasses a world where art education is not only accessible but cherished by all. His ambition extends to seamlessly integrate art into the tapestry of everyday life, fostering a society that holds creativity in high regard as a vital force for progress and advancement.In Baria's vision, there lies a realm where the transformative potential of artistic expression is harnessed. Here, it serves not only to refine artistic skills but also to facilitate holistic personal growth and enrich society at large. This heralds an era where creativity assumes its rightful place as a fundamental pillar of human flourishing. Baria's forward-thinking approach to art education transcends traditional boundaries.He envisions a geography where cultural education is woven into the veritable fabric of societal development. It's a world where individuals from all walks of life have equal access to the tools and knowledge demanded to unleash their creative eventuality. In this fantasized future, art isn't interned to workplaces and galleries alone, but permeates every hand of day-to-day life. It becomes a medium through which people convey, explore their self-identities, and immerse themselves with the world around them. Baria's dream is one of inclusivity, where imagination knows no bounds and acts as a unifying force that transcends artistic, profitable, and social divides. The impact of Baria's visionary outlook is far- reaching. It fosters a community where cultural expression is valued not just for its aesthetic merit, but for its capability to inspire invention, critical thinking, and emotional connection. Through this integrated approach, individualities are empowered to realize their creative eventuality, leading to a society marked by fortified perspectives and a deeper appreciation for the trades. In substance, Premjit Baria's vision paints a picture of a world where art isn't an exclusive pursuit, but an integral part of the mortal experience. It's a world where creativity indicates, bringing forth new ideas, fostering empathy, and driving positive change. This vision serves as a guiding light, inspiring us all to recognize and celebrate the profound impact that art can have on our lives and the world we participate in.

Personal Artistic Achievements:

Premjit Baria’s creative odyssey is marked by notable achievements. In 2006, he orchestrated a solo exhibition, offering a dedicated platform for his distinctive expression and artistic perspective to flourish. This exhibition served as a testament to his individuality and provided a window into the depth of his imaginative universe.  Furthermore, Baria’s involvement in various group exhibitions was a testament to his artistic prowess, placing him in the esteemed company of fellow creators. These collective showcases resonated profoundly with art enthusiasts, creating a space where shared creativity could thrive. Through these exhibitions, Baria not only displayed his talent but also opened windows into the expansive realms of his creative mind.


Premjit Baria’s journey is a testament to his unwavering commitment, passion, and dedication to the world of art and its transformative potential. As he reflects on a quarter century of artistic endeavors, his influence shines brightly as an enduring beacon of inspiration for all touched by his work.

Born in Diu on November 14, 1952, Shri Baria embarked on his artistic journey by enrolling in Sheth C.N. College of Fine Arts, Ahmedabad. He completed his education, including a diploma in Fine Arts and D.T.C., later becoming a drawing teacher at Government High School, Diu, where he served for 37 years until his retirement in 2012.

Under his guidance, Diu district students participated and clinched 8 International Awards (Pride of India) in prestigious painting competitions. From regional awards to honors from global platforms like the United Nations, his students flourished under his mentorship. Moreover, his personal artistic accomplishments, including solo and group exhibitions, have showcased his talent and dedication.

In the realm of art education and advocacy, Premjit Baria’s impact is profound, leaving an indelible mark that resonates far into the future—a legacy of creativity, mentorship, and artistic excellence that continues to inspire generations to come.