Dr. Binish Desai: Eco Champion's Journey


Meet Binish Desai. Binish is an innovator, social entrepreneur and environmental activist. His passion to transform waste recycling and management can be seen in his relentless pursuit of innovative solutions to waste issues. Binish is a waste warrior, constantly pushing boundaries to make a difference on the planet. 

One of Binish Desai’s most recent innovations involves turning trash into functional and beautiful lamps & chandeliers. It’s a great example of his creativity in reusing waste materials. Not only does Binish help reduce waste, but he also creates unique, upcycled products. His vision not only addresses environmental issues, but it also inspires people and industries to rethink how they dispose of their waste. Binish Desai is a shining example of what can be achieved when passion meets sustainability. Not only does he light up spaces with trash-based creations, but he also helps pave the way for a greener and more responsible future.

Glimpses of Early Life and an Environmental Passion

At a tender age of 11, Binish Desai embarked on his transformative journey towards a cleaner environment by conceiving a novel idea – crafting bricks from waste materials. This marked the inception of his Swachh (clean) journey, a path that would define his life's mission. Inspired by a deep-seated commitment to address the burgeoning issue of waste, young Binish recognized the potential in turning discarded materials into something valuable.Inspired by curiosity and environmental awareness, Binish’s first waste management project was both innovative and groundbreaking. While most kids were busy with typical childhood activities, Binish was laying the groundwork for what would soon become a game-changer. The idea of building bricks out of waste not only showed his early understanding of sustainability, but also signified the kind of innovation that would define his future.This early project wasn’t just a kid’s playtime activity; it was the seed planted in Binish's fertile mind, ready to sprout into a lifelong commitment to tackling waste-related issues.What Binish didn't realize at the time was that this simple notion would get the running force behind his inconceivable career as an entrepreneur, social entrepreneur and waste operation inventor making a difference in the world’s fight for a cleaner and greener earth.

The Journey to Becoming a Young Inventor

The Journey to Becoming a Young Inventor

As an imaginative young mind, Desai’s journey into the realm of invention was sparked by a profound fascination with natural phenomena. His initial foray into innovation began with a simple yet ingenious machine designed to transform kitchen vapor into water for gardening—an early indication of his inquisitive and problem-solving nature. A serendipitous encounter with a piece of forgotten chewing gum on his trousers further fueled Desai’s curiosity, leading him to experiment with solidifying various types of waste to create novel objects.

His awareness of India’s prevalent poverty became a pivotal turning point. Witnessing the hardships faced by those in need of proper housing deeply moved Desai, prompting him to envision a solution. Drawing inspiration from Lego plastic bricks, he conceptualized the development of durable building blocks that could alleviate housing challenges. Reflecting on the hardened chewing gum experience, Desai decided to make strong building materials out of waste—an idea that was met with skepticism by others. Desai remained determined to make this seemingly impossible dream a reality, motivated by his desire to make a difference in the lives of those suffering from poverty and inadequate housing.

Challenges and Triumphs

Founding a company at the age of 16, Desai encountered financial difficulties and opposition from his parents who aspired for him to become a doctor. However, fueled by his vision of creating cost-effective eco-bricks for housing, he sought to reshape slums. Desai faced adversity when forced out of his first company due to conflicts with investors, compounded by personal challenges, but he rebounded by establishing Eco Eclectic.

Triumph came when Desai gained recognition from Forbes magazine and diversified his company’s offerings to nearly 150 products, including road pavement blocks and lamps made from waste. The recognition and success extended to social impact, with Eco Eclectic providing employment opportunities to nearly 40 women in rural villages and nightlife districts.

Challenges persisted, such as the unexpected hurdle during the expansion phase and Desai’s departure from his initial venture. However, he emerged stronger, focusing on consultancy services and developing environmental products. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic presented a unique challenge and opportunity, leading Eco Eclectic to produce construction bricks from discarded nonwoven fabric masks.

Creation of P-Block Bricks: A Revolutionary Breakthrough

By the time he was 23 years old, Binish had not only made his dream a reality, but he had also revolutionised the construction industry with his invention – P-Block bricks. Made from paper mill waste, these revolutionary bricks have turned into a force for good, changing the lives of villages all over India. Binish’s passion for sustainability and social responsibility translated into the development of P-Block bricks, demonstrating the power of innovative solutions to solve problems.Employing his patented technology, Desai's P-block bricks have emerged as a force for sustainable infrastructure, leaving an indelible mark on rural communities. From the construction of vital amenities like toilets to the development of roads, the transformative impact of his invention is evident in the tangible improvements these projects bring to the lives of countless individuals. The P-block bricks have become a symbol of hope, providing durable and eco-friendly solutions to longstanding challenges.Remarkably, Desai's waste warrior ethos extends beyond the immediate benefits to communities. Binish Desai has diverted huge amounts of refuse from overflowing landfill sites by recycling industrial waste and various other waste. By doing so, not only does he address the pressing need for sustainable building materials, but he also reduces the impact of landfilling on the environment. Binish has built over 1000 toilets and around 3000 people have benefitted from his p-block bricks. This is just one example of the transformative impact of thinking differently and adopting sustainable practices.

Scaling Up: Expanding Green Initiatives

Desai’s journey to sustainability began with simple, home-based experiments with chewing gum and paper. These experiments ignited his passion for eco-friendly solutions. His early explorations paved the way for him to lead Eco Eclectic Technology (formerly BDream). The company works as a lab to create cost-effective, environmentally-friendly solutions to address a variety of industrial waste challenges. Binish’s pioneering spirit is reflected in the development of over 150 eco-friendly solutions that have been praised for their effectiveness and environmental impact.Among his recent contributions to sustainable living is the introduction of lamps and chandeliers crafted entirely from waste materials. These unique creations, available in eight distinct models, primarily utilize secondary paper sludge waste. The Eclectic Mini, for instance, embodies Desai's commitment to sustainability, with 7kg of secondary paper sludge transformed into a radiant green light source. In addition to their ecological credentials, these handmade pieces are distinguished by their attention to craftsmanship in terms of construction, carving and finishing.What makes these lamps stand out is not only their beauty but also their heritage. The handprints of the workers who made these lights are knowingly left intact in order to save their sustainability and crafter. Each piece becomes a testament to the emulsion of invention andeco-consciousness, reflecting Desai's dedication to converting waste into functional and cultural expressions of sustainability. In a world increasingly conscious of environmental impact, Desai's Eco Eclectic Technology stands as a beacon, offering tangible solutions and beautifully designed products that redefine the intersection of creativity and environmental responsibility.

Global Recognition and Impact

Binish Desay’s global recognition for sustainable impact is a testament to the immense recognition and impact he has gained on a global scale for his tireless work in sustainable innovation. Desai has been honored as a colonial in environmental entrepreneurship, and his innovative results not only address original environmental issues, but also add value to the global discussion on sustainability.

Desai’s work has not only charmed the world, but has also inspired people and diligence around the globe. From his onsets as an inventor in India, to the establishment of eco-friendly products, Binish Desai’s journey serves as a memorial of the transformative power of sustainable practices. 

As the architect behind more than 150 sustainable products and a leader in transforming waste into assets, Binish Desay has demonstrated that a single vision for sustainable living transcends borders and makes a difference on a global scale. The recognition bestowed upon him underscores the universal importance of adopting eco-conscious practices and applauds Desai as a global influencer in the pursuit of a greener, more sustainable future.

The Future of Sustainability: Dr. Desai's Vision

Dr. Desai envisions future defined by a circular economy where waste is minimized and resources are maximized through reuse and recycling. His commitment extends beyond environmental stewardship, he actively empowers rural women offering them employment opportunities and fostering skill development within his waste management initiatives.

Dr. Desai emerges as a beacon of inspiration for those impassioned by the well-being of our planet and its inhabitants. In the tapestry of sustainability, Dr. Desai paints a vibrant picture of a future where every resource finds purpose and nothing is relegated to waste.

His holistic approach intertwining environmental consciousness with socio-economic empowerment exemplifies a harmonious coexistence between humanity and the planet. Dr.Desai’s narrative echoes the sentiment that positive change begins with the vision of one, illustrating the transformative potential we each hold in shaping a more sustainable and equitable world. As we navigate the complex challenges of our time Dr. Desai’s example lights the way for a future where every action counts and where the fusion of vision, creativity and determination can truly make a difference.


In conclusion, Dr. Desai emerges as a beacon of sustainable leadership through his visionary pursuit of a circular economy and his unwavering commitment to uplifting rural women in waste management initiatives. His unique approach seamlessly intertwines environmental consciousness with social responsibility, vividly portraying a future where resources are cherished rather than discarded. Beyond individual impact, Dr. Desai exemplifies how creativity and determination can catalyze transformative change for the benefit of our planet and its inhabitants. As we confront the challenges of our era his story serves as a guiding inspiration prompting us to collectively shoulder the responsibility of crafting more sustainable and just world. Dr. Desai’s vision is merely an aspirational call to action, inviting each of us to contribute to the construction of a harmonious future where every small action plays a crucial role in shaping a brighter tomorrow.